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Logo of Chateau d'Hallines, large house for rent near Calais

This is a house that can be described as many things: huge, spectacular, beautiful…

…but above all we want it to be fun!

That’s the dream we had when we took on this project in 2016, and it still is. A lot has happened since we first started dreaming, but we are thrilled to find ourselves here today, in a sparkling newly-decorated chateau which now only needs one thing to make it buzz – you, with your wedding-guests, your golfing gang, your birthday-party revellers and yes, even your exhausting children!

We are Dan and Amanda – yes you’ve guessed it, we are not as French as we should be. We are British (not-so-little-Englanders) who love France, especially this part of it. Dan is a news cameraman, Amanda is a relationship counsellor. We have been visiting France for years but never expected to be anything more than holidaymakers.

It was when we came to view the house at auction that we fully realised how perfectly placed it is for visitors from the UK. We left London after breakfast, arrived here and viewed the chateau, had lunch, attended the auction and we were back home in London in time to cook supper!

For wedding-planners who want something a little more adventurous than the local hotel but wouldn’t dream of asking their guests to fly to Bali (nice though that would be), a short hop across the channel could be just what the bride ordered. Plenty of room for extended family members to stay the night (or weekend, or week), large function rooms, beautiful gardens, to say nothing of French cuisine and endless diversions for children… are you beginning to feel what we felt when we first came here?!

Dan and Amanda, owners of the Big Chateau, Hallines, Northern France

So, welcome to the chateau! We hope you enjoy exploring everything we have to offer. We aim to make your time here very special. Do please contact us if you have any questions.

Dan and Amanda