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The kitchen is fully equipped for a large group to be self-catering. There is plenty of fridge and freezer space for those who wish to bring prepared meals, but we also provide everything you’ll need to prepare fresh food and drinks for your guests.

We can also arrange help with catering if that is something you would like to consider. This can range from a chef preparing a single special meal to an on-site chef who prepares three meals a day.

When the château was a hotel, the chef of the restaurant was Olivier Delvar, pictured below creating his superb Crêpes Suzette and cheese soufflés. Olivier can be booked to help with your catering.

Olivier Delvar in the kitchen at Château d'Hallines
Olivier's creations
Olivier Delvar with cheese soufflés

If you want to be really spoilt we recommend Jess, who travels out from the UK (with a team of helpers if necessary) and prepares three meals a day for your group. She can stay in the house if there is a room free, or in our cottage for a small fee. Jess (pictured below with her friend Kate) will do the shopping in the local supermarkets, and is very familiar with the château.

Jess and Kate cooking dinner at the château
Jess and Kate, caterers

We also use a catering company from Saint Omer that likes dealing with groups of 20 or more. They have a set menu and will come to the house to cook, serve and wash-up!

There is also a local traiteur based in nearby Lumbres who pre-prepares a wide selection of traditional French cuisine. He delivers the food in foil containers a few hours before you wish to serve your meal, with simple heating instructions for you to follow.

A further option that has been popular is Dineindulge. The secret of their success may be that they have their menu options online, in English!

We can also organise a wine tasting in the dining room, which can be adapted to your interests — and is usually supplemented with pâtés, cheeses and charcuterie. Pascal, the manager of the excellent local wine shop, is a great host.

Winetasting at Chateau d'Hallines
Winetasting at Chateau d'Hallines
Winetasting at Chateau d'Hallines

We have a list of catering contacts. Please email Amanda if you would like a copy.

Catering staff at Big Chateau, Hallines, Northern France
Fruit salad
Afternoon tea
Afternoon tea
Afternoon tea