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Treasure Hunt

It turns out that none of us has quite got over the thrill of those childhood Easter Egg hunts. We love an adventure with a puzzle. Our Treasure Hunt is quickly becoming our guests’ most-loved group activity; perhaps because it gives everyone the chance to explore parts of the chateau they wouldn’t normally see, while experiencing the team-building aspect of a (gently!) competitive challenge.

It’s a little like an escape-room experience and is a great way to get active together, explore the property and see some of the village. Four teams each have to solve their own set of nine clues, some of which have been buried. The hunt usually takes about two hours. The treasure is included in the cost of the hunt and can be tailored to your group, but usually consists of alcoholic drinks and chocolate. Please be sure to book in advance.

Here’s a comment from a recent guest, part of a corporate group: “The treasure hunt was a lot of people’s favourite part, including my own! It was really well thought out and a great team-building game!”