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We’re big fans of the innovative team at what3words, a British company making a global impact with its clever new mapping technology.

If you’re not familiar with how what3words works, we explain below but the clue is in the name!

We’re delighted that the front gate at the Chateau has launch.goody.positions as its address.

The people behind what3words have created a superb mapping system that makes it easy for anyone to identify a precise location. They have divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and given each square a unique 3 word address.

Words are more memorable than grid references. Which do you prefer:

Lat 50.706595, Long 2.2121850?

Either will take you to the main entrance of the chateau, but we like the pixies!

The chateau grounds are expansive enough to encompass many 3m x 3m squares, all of which await your visit. But to make finding us a doddle, why not start with any of the 3 word addresses below, all of which address the house itself?

/// toolkit.bakers.proofedseeded.bulldozing.bittersbalancer.pixie.wangledreadings.munchkin.ballpointpine.dosage.scheduleforests.skaters.lotusessidelined.earrings.twitchesunzip.yearn.icepickpacket.crouching.topcoathind.shakily.zappedgriddles.litmus.evocativesubmarine.radicals.inefficientfrost.burnt.baublesharmlessly.stature.tackingpiazzas.sequencing.resemblingslapstick.roommate.overtimesubscribe.mitigating.stirringrecollection.regal.reflexrollover.table.lullimages.jostles.vitaminsdemotion.chewier.layingkangaroos.forfeits.importsentail.slogs.reimposecollateral.cyclists.misreadsbleaching.uncertain.squirrelsfoolishly.martini.akinpuddles.targets.scalednumbly.architecture.temptransmitted.doormat.predictabletalking.squeaking.waftbullseye.riskiest.lifesavingnorthward.putt.loftilyforearm.contour.manipulatesbandit.ovation.politicalpranced.bumblebees.glittered

Picture the scene. After launching from your good position at the gates, continue down the drive to witness a starlet dismounting with neutral expression.

The neutral expression is de rigueur for a starlet, but secretly she is thrilled to be at the chateau for the first time.

Later, you can retire to the sitting room, relax by the fire and listen to Bunny’s lofty description of how he drove a splendid shot northward onto the 14th green at Le Touquet, then sank the putt in one.

You can probably create better aides-mémoire than us, so why not have a go!

We were lucky enough to visit the what3words HQ recently. We were struck by the dynamic spirit of the entrepreneurial team there, but we are deeply worried that their office lacks one key ingredient for success in tech engineering.

Seriously, guys and gals? No table football?!

How will you conquer the world (or even Silicon Valley) without it?

Well, luckily for you, we have the solution…

Games room at the big chateau, Pas-de-Calais, Northern France

Here at the chateau, we have a top-floor playroom with table football and table tennis, plus a snooker room in the basement. And that’s just the start of what awaits you here, to relax and divert busy minds.

Snooker table at Chateau d'Hallines, Pas-de-Calais, France

So may we humbly suggest that you consider booking your next office team-building/brainstorming away-day with us! We would be very happy to host you or any company looking for an adventurous few days out of the office — only a hop across the Channel. Our corporate hire page could be the place to start your journey.

By the way, the table football is located at:


That must be a sign.

Please download the what3words app if you feel inspired.